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Clean Slate Program


Step 2:

Get Your Record


The first step to clearing your record is to get an accurate copy of your justice system history. You get it by ordering your record from the California Department of Justice.

  1. You’ll need to request a fee waiver from the DOJ, using this link. There is no need to print the form. You can just email it to yourself right from the website.
  2. Visit a Live Scan Provider from the list below. Only these providers will charge The Access Project for your Live Scan! If you go to an unlisted Live Scan provider, they will charge you $25 – $40.
  3. Tell the Live Scan provider that you need “Live Scan service for record review” and that you can print or email them your prepared form. They’ll know what to do from there! It takes about 5 -10 minutes to complete your fingerprinting.
  4. Be sure to bring ID with you. A valid driver’s license or passport is fine. If you don’t have either, click here for a list of acceptable forms of ID.
  5. Make sure that the Live Scan provider adds The Access Project as the designee so that we get a copy of your record. See the example below.
  6. Payment Arrangements:

             In all regions except Santa Barbara: show this voucher to the Live Scan provider so that                             The Access Project will be charged for your visit.  
              In Santa Barbara:  The Access Project has an account at each of the locations below.
                        Be sure to let them know that you are part of the Rising Scholars program and
                        they should charge our account, not you. 

Central Valley

Inland Empire Colleges

Sample Completed Live Scan Form